As a first post, it would seem only reasonable to give a bit of an introduction about me and this and what’s actually going on here, nothing long and crazy just a quick post.

A few of you may already know me somewhat through Twitter but for those who are not on there, (firstly I would say get on there, the F1 community is a fun place, you will be surprised how many F1 following friends you will make on there, (however the point of this is not to do Twitter’s PR), I’m Dave, having finished High School just recently and now on that awful waiting game for Results Day to see where my life goes next, there’s been a bit of a lull in my life, a very lazy summer with little to do and much time to fill, I would say I’m rather shy and not very outgoing for an 18 year old in this generation, most of said generation is out playing Pokemon GO but not me, instead I sit here thinking what better to do than start a blog.

A blog requires a focus and for me finding this was a simple task, F1 has been a crucial part of my life, since 2008 I have spent many weekends watching the sport, even getting my pillows and blankets from bed and in front of the TV at ungodly hours (normal start times are available) to cheer on my favourite drivers, Sebastian Vettel and more recently Max Verstappen, some people may find Motorsport and especially F1 a bit weird, snobby and elitist even, but I can safely say it has been hugely important to me, having come across so many wonderful people who share this passion online who I am privileged to call friends.

I’ve flirted with the notion of writing about Formula 1 for a long time, going from blogs to websites during stages of 2014 but my passion for the sport really started much earlier, I remember it vividly, it was the Monaco 2008 race weekend and a much smaller version of myself was passing the main room of the house, I heard roaring engines and saw beautiful race cars on the television and immediately I was in love, this newfound interest was stoked with a superb race with Lewis Hamilton brilliantly recovering his McLaren from an early puncture to win in the soaking streets of the principality.

So starting from now, I hope this space on the web can be filled with all sorts of ramblings about the sport/business/circus-act that you and I enjoy so much, admittedly there will probably be the occasional moment I drift off and talk about something else on here but variety isn’t a bad thing sometimes.

These sorts of posts are new for me to be doing so there is no doubt I believe I can improve the technique and style over time, after all practice does make perfect but I hope you all stick around.

Fire away with any comments and stuff like that 🙂